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Engaging Customers

Get the customer experience right

The customer experience involves the customer's perception of his/her interaction with an organisation. This experience combines the organisation's performance as well as the customer's senses and emotions stirred during the moment of contact. The customer then measures all of these moments of contact against his/her expectations.

Getting the customer experience right is crucial as it facilitates the process of getting, keeping and growing customers.

We can help you by:

  • Analysing your existing customer experiences;
  • Facilitating the creation of experiences that will connect with the customer's emotions;
  • Developing strategies around the customer experience that will deliver results;
  • Ensuring the transfer of knowledge takes place so that your staff can become customer experience experts themselves.

Our Fullstream Touchmap methodology enables us to identify every customer touchpoint throughout the entire lifecycle of getting, keeping and growing customers. In developing a current customer touchmap, we literally step into the shoes of your customers and follow every point of contact with your business. The Touchmap highlights moments of truth, gaps and 'black holes', and areas of improvement at both the touchpoint level and the level of supporting processes, technology, organisation and information. Based on the current state Touchmap we then develop a future or ideal state touchmap.

The output is visual, and from our experience the touchmap not only forms the basis for the development of customer experience strategies, but can also be used as focal point in initiatives such as marketing, process re-engineering and training.

Where does customer experience innovation belong?

Innovation of the customer experience takes place where the customer's needs and the organisation's business model and brand intersect.

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