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Effective Corporate Branding

Corporate brand – align and be consistent

The corporate brand encompasses all perceptions we have about a product, service or business. And the place the brand occupies in the mind is based on past experiences, associations as well as future expectations.

This means the interactions of every member of staff have the potential to either support or undermine your brand. Everyone in your organisation – from top to bottom and across functions – is involved in fulfilling your corporate brand.

New challenges

Today web media allows for the free flow of unfiltered information about products, services and organisations; organisations can no longer rely on its planned efforts to communicate its brand. A huge surge in online conversations and sharing are increasingly molding the image and perception of organisations. Ultimately it has become a situation of "Who is branding whom?"

Because consumers and business customers participate in discussions, create and share content in many different ways, brand development is no longer a contained process - it has become multidirectional and interconnected.

As perceptions of brands are inextricably linked to customer experiences, we conduct a brand audit as part of our engagement. It involves a stock-take and invariably finding the black spots.

When examining your brand we are guided by the following aspects:

Fullstream - Organisational Branding

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