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Team, energise and engage

Aitia is Fullstream's Corporate Social Responsibility effort and our way of giving back to business communities. Our passion is to facilitate resilience in teams.

When we work with individuals or teams in the Aitia space, we make a gear change, and our objective shifts from a pure business focus to restoring balance between heads and hearts. What is the point of having the best customer strategies in the marketplace and your employees are not fully present, resilient or authentic?

Working from the Aitia space we never drop our business acumen, but we change the focus and the lens through which we facilitate. In the Aitia space our aim is to illuminate the human behind the job.

Aitia is a Greek word and relates to the process of igniting something on its way to becoming alive.

Fullstream - Aitia

We believe in the powerful promise of living from the inside and we are passionate about helping individuals to live authentically. Through our many years of practice in the business world we have seen and experienced how incongruence limits.

We also believe that incorporating the heart space into the 'full package' will deliver distinctive and lasting impact within organisations whilst enriching peoples' lives.

Why focus on employees?

Employee engagement is a critical driver of organisational productivity, profitability and customer loyalty. Yet research suggests that people energy is not quite at optimum levels:

  • Most workforces are operating at only 60% - 65% of their potential;
  • Most individuals can still increase productivity by 30%.

    (The Ken Blanchard companies, 2009)

It is no longer about managing processes and results, but rather managing people's energy.

We believe that by investing in your employees instead of trying to get more out of them will result in higher levels of motivation and the inclination to bring more of themselves to work.

So how do we give back then?

At Fullstream we draw from the body of knowledge developed by The Tamhnach Foundation, a registered Irish charity.

Fullstream - Aitia Modules

We believe resilience involves both the wellbeing of, and a healthy sense of power within the individual (or team), and we believe authenticity requires emotional wisdom and a robust mind. In this regard we facilitate experiential workshops based on the Tamhnach Foundation's holistic approach to wellbeing. We pull in practitioners were appropriate, and each module can be customised to fit the needs of your organisation and teams.

Ultimately it is about the vision of helping individuals to lead from the inside out.

When we work in the Aitia space we give our time for free. For our clients, instead of paying for Aitia-based workshops, we suggest ask that you donate an amount to The Tamhnach Foundation. Donations in the amount of €250 or more qualify for tax relief and in giving to the Foundation, you will help others find the leader within.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Aitia and our workshops.

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