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Fullstream 2006

Welcome to Fullstream

We focus on Customers and Employees

We are transacting in a dynamic and progressively globalised world, and yet we must do so in an economic climate less than conducive to flow as we used to know it. Increasingly we are faced with a pressing need to do more with less; to streamline our businesses; and to innovate.

In demanding times such as these, it is especially necessary to direct focus back to the business' only two real assets: employees and customers.

We can help you improve the flow of your business by:

  • Getting the customer experience right;
  • Facilitating the development of profitable customer strategies;
  • Ensuring your organisationís brand is aligned with your vision, values and product/service offering promise to stakeholders.

With our coaching and Aitia processes we can also assist in making sure your employees involved in customer processes are energised and engaged.

How do we do this?

At Fullstream we work mostly with SMEs. We are able to stand back for an objective assessment of your customersí experience, whilst stepping up close to determine opportunities for your organisation to improve organisational branding, knowledge about each customer, customer processes, customer engagement, and people energy.

With our†IDENT†Methodology we are able to integrate both the hard quantitative aspects with the softer organisational issues of your business. The IDENT Methodology allows us to streamline customer processes, technology, information and communication with the customer at the centre.

Quick and Quantifiable Results

In our experience there are always quick wins that can be implemented with little additional investment, but with significant immediate impact on the performance of the business.

We develop and implement meaningful user-friendly measures, targets, milestones and key metrics to monitor how the business performs and where additional effort is required. When you can see and measure the progress, the change becomes tangible, acceptable and even exciting.

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